Most Popular forms of California Insurance

October 21, 2015 @ 1:19 pm

California InsuranceA great way to understand any given population is to take a long hard look at insurance rates.  For example, the number of people with health insurance, car insurance, or homeowners insurance compared to the population can reveal a lot about what is going on.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at California. California has roughly 38.8 million people.  How many of those people have different kinds of insurances that are available?  Let’s take a look at the most popular forms of California insurance by the numbers.

  1.  Health Insurance With 35.5 Million People

Every California resident is required by law to have health insurance.  While a few million people are still falling through the cracks, health insurance represents the most popular form of insurance currently out there.  Trying to cover those without work, elderly, or under-employed are government services like Medicare and Medicaid.  For others who do not receive insurance through their employer, a state run exchange provided by the Affordable Care Act helps to offer possibilities.  Finally, for those who have health insurance provided by their employer, several different options may be available.

  1.  Car Insurance with Roughly 22.6 Million Licensed Drivers

While it is hard to get an exact estimate on the number of individuals with car insurance in the state, it is easier to look at the number of licensed drivers and work from there.  With roughly 22.6 million licensed drivers, there has to be at least 15 million individuals in the state who have registered and insured their vehicles.  Providing financial protection against the burden of payment when found at fault, car insurance, like health insurance, is required by the state.  What level of car insurance you ultimately decide on will depend on your driving history and the vehicle in question.

  1.  Homeowners Insurance With Roughly 12 Million Homeowners

While not strictly required by the state, mortgage providers require homeowners insurance as a means of safeguarding their investment.  Regardless, getting homeowners insurance represents one of the best ways to secure your financial investment.  With a wide range of policies out there and different climates that create a range of potential hazards, navigating California home insurance can be challenging.  Thankfully, there are a range of resources offered by consumer groups as well as the California government to help you be better informed about what options you have when moving forward with a California homeowners insurance quote.